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Travel Diary: Arriving in Melbourne — Living!

And it was almost a disastrous start. My flight was delayed, although I am fine with that. These things happen. However instead of getting into Melbourne at around 7.30pm Victoria time, it was closer to midnight. Melbourne looked good though and a little green in places for St Paddy’s.


What I did not take into account was the Formula One that was taking place in Melbourne as I was arriving, and with this overnight accommodation was almost impossible to find. I arrived, stupidly without a room booked (like I did so much down the east coast as I found rates weren’t really affected) without considering the demand at all. Ironically this is the lack of planning I was talking about in my most recent post and almost went without a place to stay. The first place I looked was a hostel and I shit you not, they asked for $250 for the night. A hostel. But I found somewhere after a little searching and the team here are good fun.

Lesson learned. Get a room booked. Don’t be like me.

After a few trips outside of Brisbane whilst I was based there, it feels weird to step off the plane and not be going back. Six months is an interesting length of time to be based somewhere. As soon as you really get used to the place and a good circle of friends, you’re on the road again. Brisbane was amazing, and I am already really missing the city and the people I met there. It was a great size with just enough to do without the long and chaotic commuting times to get where I need to be. I will see how Melbourne is with this in mind.

The last days I was in Brisbane were pretty glorious. Looking at camera roll these are the last shots I have from there.

The first thought I had getting off the plane in Victoria was how cold it was. I can actually wear a jacket again and I am pretty excited about that. Bring on Autumn, the t-shirt/shorts/flip flop combo gets boring pretty fast although I am sure I will miss the Brisbane heat before too long. Not the humidity though. Days here are still hot but mornings and evening are cool and I am more than okay with that.

I have a lot of ‘doing’ to do. The past six months have flown by and there were things I didn’t manage to do in Brisbane that I regret. I don’t want to leave too much untouched in Melbourne as it is a much larger city with a lot to experience. But cutting my blogging down a little will free quite a bit of time with this in mind. And apologies for the delay in posting whilst I have been relocating.

And thank you to everyone that recommended me things to do in my last post. I have taken them on board and will look at each and every one again to try and find ways and times to fit them in. If I do them I will ensure to give you a shout out as a thanks and a reminder as to who recommended me what. I really appreciate it.

I have so far had two interviews for jobs within the same brand as I have been working in and hope to hear back later in the week. Another thing I have had to prioritise as I need an income, but my blog will go back to operating normally now I am here and settling in. I am for now just wandering around and soaking up the vibe and there is a good buzz around this city. Plenty of food and drink places to try, street art to stare at and trams to get knocked over by. And you will see it all here until September.

But for now thanks for being patient with me, see you in the comments!

Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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