Top 10 Remarkable Places to Visit in Gwadar This Year

Gwadar is considered as the most significant part of Pakistan. It has major economic value because this city is also equipped with a port. In the last few years, this city has gained more visibility because of its appealing tourist places. It has a population of around 50,000 people which is gradually increasing. For seafood lovers, it is one of the best places the variety of enjoying seafood is outstanding here. The weather of this area is quite hot, and the temperature here goes exceptionally high in summer.

Gwadar is rich in natural beauty, and the people of this area are quite friendly. With blue sea and White Mountain, this place looks fantastic to view. CPEC also plays a significant role to uplift the hidden beauty of this city in front of the world. China along with Pakistan is trying its best to build this city so that it can become an excellent passage of trade for both countries. China is showing sincere interest in it because a considerable amount of their oil comes from the Persian Gulf that takes too much time in it. This travel passage will give them a huge relief because the distance of the travel will be reduced dramatically.

In the coming future, it is expected to be the most happening places of this country as far as economic strength is concerned. You can effortlessly witness lots of natural wonders in this region that will make you appreciate the beauty of this region. Many local and international tourists like to visit this region because of its awe-inspiring views. From Island to beach, park, and desert you can see all of them in Gwadar close to each other.

If you wish to spend some good time with your friends and family away from the noise of the city, then you must plan a trip to Gwadar. Some of the prominent hot-spots of this place are listed below.

The Gwadar Port

Gwadar port is around 700 km away from Karachi. This deep sea port was a fishing village where professional fisherman use to come for fishing before it converts to Gwadar port. It is an excellent place where you can enjoy boating and fishing in clear water. It joins Pakistan to the Middle East and Central Asia. A splendid outlook of the Arabian Sea is also a point of attraction of visiting this port.

Astola Island

Astola means seven rocks. This charming island is around 40 km far from the pansi area. You can reach there in about five hours using motor boats from Pansi. The length of this island is 7 km whereas the width is 2.5 km. Scuba diving and fishing are some of the favorite activities that visitors like to have at this island. You can also see many dolphins and green turtles on this island. One of the oldest temple known as “Kali Devi Temple” can also be seen there which is quite popular among the people of the Hindu religion. A different prayer yard that was explicitly built for Khwaja Khizr is also a historical place to see there.


This place is called as Hammerhead because of the resemblance of its shape. It was created by the mud volcano similarly to the other rocks in Gwadar. At this place, you can outlook the Arabian Sea at your south and Gwadar city on your north.

Ormara Beach

This beach is the center point of Karachi and Gwadar. It has outstanding historical value because it was the pit spot of Ormuz, the general of Alexander. It is an excellent natural beach that is almost 5 hours drive from Karachi city. It is a low population area where the majority is of Baloch people. This area is under the power of the Pakistan Navy. Jinnah naval base which is the second biggest naval base of Pakistan is at Ormara. The crafts of navy can be viewed easily there.

The Sphinx

Egypt is the most common place to see the sphinx made by humans, but Gwadar gives you the facility to see them without going to Egypt. It is a notable attraction of this place that is highly admired among visitors.

The Princess of Hope

It is a unique statue of a prince known as Ling. This statue stands high in the mountains and looks impressive because of its colossal size. It grabs the attention of people who visit Gwadar because of its exceptional appearance.

Buzi Pass

Buzi pass is another stunning place to visit in Gwadar. You will get there using makran coastal highway. While traveling around this pass, you will notice spectacular views on each side of you that will also bring a pleasant experience to you as well.

Hingol National Park

This park has the honor to be the most significant national park in this country. If you like a wide range of animals, then you will surely enjoy this place. It is built in 1988 and surrounded by an area of 640 sq mi. It has around 250 species of different plants along with 185 species of numerous bird and 100 species of mammals and reptiles.


A coastal semi-dessert can also be seen while crossing the river bridge of Hingol. It is an ideal place to have some fun with desert safari which you can usually enjoy in the Middle Eastern countries.

Baba Chandrakup

If you like to see mud volcano, then this is a must seen place for you. To get to this place you have two options. Either go by feet and travel around 7 km or rent a four-wheel vehicle. This mud volcano has the specialty of spitting out cold mud.

While major tourist destinations of Pakistan have massive attention among visitors, but there are still many other places that need to be spotlighted. These are some of the well-known sites in Gwadar that we have shared with you. So, grab your friends and take a break from your busy life to sight the scenic gems of this country.

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