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A fairy beguiling time! — FoodSmartphone ESR Blogs

Hello all,

So it was the first time I’ve ever experienced the summer in Barcelona. Being a winter lover, it was beautiful, as I never thought that I would love summer that way. It’s just the right weather, full of light, brightness, and hope. Just to mention, a light T-shirt and jeans were enough to move out.

Not that much of a poetic person, but the weather and the beauty of Barcelona calls for it, as they say

A city unique in its location and beauty

Waking up with the sunrise and the view from my balcony was to die for. It was always pleasant to come out in a balcony and give myself some time to relax and to think about the blessings I have in my life. The summer nights, calm, beautiful, and so still that you feel like you’re in love. That’s the time when I miss my family and country, and missed those nights and days I used to spend with my friends.


Beautiful morning view (right) and moon lightening from the balcony of my house (left)

It had been quite some time that I visited my family, so I decided to go back to Pakistan. The decision was at the risk of skin burn, as apparently the summer in Pakistan is extreme. But, I had to do it, or more precisely my soil was calling for me.

As they say, I love my country enough to suffer its wrath. After finishing with essential work at lab, I packed up my bags to visit my country. As soon as I landed the airport in Lahore, Pakistan, I could feel the connection I had with my people. I was welcomed with the smiling and happy faces of my family, food, and the heat strike of my beloved city Faisalabad.

I had limited time to cherish and to relive all the memories of my life in Pakistan but I decided to make the most of it. I had a chance to visit an old Pakistani bazaar/market called Anarkali, rikhsaw is what I took to reach there. It’s a common transport vehicle in Pakistan.


Rikshaw drive (left) and yummiest street food called Bun Kabab (right)


Street market in former Faisalabad bazaar

Eid is a joyous and religious festival of all the Muslim community. On this auspicious day, friends and family get together to have great meals and perform sacrifice of an animal. It is a day of greetings and remembering your God to thank for all the blessings that He bestowed upon you. On this, day women of the family put ‘hina’ on their hands and prepare the traditional food.


During this short trip to Pakistan, I also happened to visit “Thal desert” with my friends, which was quite dry and the temperature was around 42ºC. On our way to desert we enjoyed eating sugar cane and drinking traditional style tea.


A trip to “Thal Desert”

On the last day of my trip, we went out to famous food court in Faisalabad. It was full of light, colors, flowers, and traditional folk songs were adding beauty to this place.


Food Street

Good byes are always painful but I feel lucky for myself as I have something that makes saying it so hard. Now that I look back to the flashbacks of my trip, it gives me a smile and happiness that will stay with me forever. 

Thank you for reading my blog.

Regards, Raheel


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